How to choose your CPAP Cleaner?

There are many CPAP cleaner products on the market. Everyone knows the role of ozone disinfection, but there are also many people who dislike the smell of ozone. In addition, ultraviolet disinfection is physical disinfection, there will be no smell, but it can not be disinfected into your hose tubing inside, ultraviolet disinfection can only disinfect the surface of the irradiated object.

Today, I will recommend three products with a larger space, the most extensive range of applications and the most comfortable products for comparison. After reading the evaluation, you will decide how to buy.

The first one, FRESHCPAP CPAP CLEANER PRO, is the only CPAP CLEANER on the market that includes both ozone disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. It can meet all your disinfection needs at the same time. Firstly, you can connect your hose tube and ventilator to the adapter, then disinfect it with ozone mode, and then sterilized your cpap mask with ultraviolet rays. It is powerful enough to eliminate 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and other pathogens safely and naturally, and you don't need to buy any other disinfection equipment.

FRESHCPAP CPAP CLEANER PRO has a large space, enough to put down any type of CPAP mask, and other things that need to be sterilizered, such as mobile phones, masks, jewelry, and glasses. At the same time, it also has a timer function. After getting up every morning, throw the CPAP accessories into it. Without turning on, it will automatically start disinfection when the time is up. Is it very convenient?

The second brand that I want to introduce is SOCLEAN CPAP CLEANER, I believe this brand is popular to everyone. As a traditional CPAP CLEANER manufacturer, there is no need to worry about the quality and after-sales of its machines. The model mainly relies on ozone disinfection. The method of use is to throw the hose tube and CPAP mask into the inner cavity, and then connect the ozone output tube to start disinfection. To disinfect the ventilator, the outer tube must be connected to the ventilator for effective disinfection. SOCLEAN also has a timing function, but the hose must be placed before each use.

The third one is LUMIN CPAP CLEANER, is use of ultraviolet disinfection. It has a huge pull-out lumen. Put the CPAP hose and mask, and what you need to sterilized into it, push it in, and press the button to start sterilization. This model is also very convenient for disinfecting everything that can be put in.The advantage of UV disinfection is that there is no odor, corrosion occurs, and the sterilization efficiency is very high. But the only disadvantage is that it can not sterilized every corner, every surfaces.

Comparison of detailed parameters and functions of the three models:

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