Why FreshCPAP is a Good Choice for You?

    Our company focuses on CPAP ventilator mask disinfection, UV disinfection, and O3 disinfection technology research. All the product passed certification with CE, FCC, RoHS and FDA certificates, which to prove that it can effectively kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria or molds, without disassembly and chemicals; The advantages of our product are safer, healthier, cleaner breathing, humanity design, and overall operation as well as no noise.

    In January 2017, Our founder left the senior management position of a well-known listed company, aimed at the civilian ultraviolet disinfection equipment market, and started the road of entrepreneurship.

    In October 2018, We developed the first portable ozone disinfection device for CPAP disinfection, which provided cool comfort to families of thousands of families craving healthy breathing.

    In August 2019, Several CPAP disinfection equipment to meet the needs of different functions were launched. We rely on clear product positioning and excellent product design to gradually form our own brand advantage FreshCPAP in the field of CPAP disinfection and occupy more market share.

    In April 2020, Our brand flagship machine CPAP Cleaner Pro (Model Q8) was born, combining two disinfection methods for CPAP ventilators on the market: ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection. At the same time, it has a large capacity, regular disinfection, custom disinfection methods and duration, activated carbon filter cotton and other leading advantages. Buying one of our CPAP Cleaner Pro is bound to escort your healthy breathing life, and never worry.

   There are many kinds of disinfection methods, including steam disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, ultrasonic disinfection, microwave disinfection, etc. We FreshCPAP will continue to explore in this field, continue to innovate, and use professional technical innovation and humanized intimate design to open a green safe passage for everyone who wants a healthy life.