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Why it is important to clean your CPAP?

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The potential risks with unclean equipment could also be direct exposure to bacteria, viruses, and molds. This may raise the possibility of nasty colds, sinus infections, and even pneumonia.

CPAP Cleaner Pro Sanitizer produces activated oxygen and with its powerful UVC lamp bead, it disinfects all your equipment including the tube, mask and water chamber with a 99% effectiveness in killing all germs and bacteria quickly.

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How does the FreshCPAP Q8 work ?

Is FreshCPAP Q8 compatible with my CPAP?

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Yes, unlike other CPAP cleaner brands asking you to pay an extra $10- $15 for one adapter, FreshCPAP Q8 package includeds unique all in 1 tube adapter, making it suitable for most CPAP machines on the market.

Why You Should Try FreshCPAP (Q8) CPAP Cleaning Machine?

FreshCPAP Q8 is a powerful automated cleaner and sanitizer. As a result, it cleans your CPAP equipment around the clock. It can destroy almost all CPAP bacteria viruses and mold without using water or chemicals. This machine is FDA registered and tested in a laboratory. 

Why choose us?

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No more forget to clean your CPAP

Start working everyday at the cleaning time you set. Cleaning with Q8 saves a lot of time due to the provision of the automated cleaning cycle. 

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Super sterilization

360 degree all-round with 14 pcs UVC lamp bead, mirror reflect cleaning, faster and more thorough to eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacterias.

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Large Capacity

Fit your CPAP masks, hose, water chamber, toothbrush, jewerly, cell phones, or even toys in the box.

STOP getting sick from a dirty CPAP and make your daily life easier with FreshCPAP


Q8 Automated CPAP Cleaner Pro