How much do you know about FreshCPAP Sanitizing Carbon Filter Bag?

Did you know that the FreshCPAP carbon filter bag should be replaced every 90 days? The filter bag contains a carbon filter to prevent ozone leakage.

Some background on ozone
Ozone is a powerful gas used by FreshCPAP to support CPAP accessories and consists of three oxygen atoms bonded together. In contrast, the oxygen present in the air you breathe consists of two oxygen atoms. An extra oxygen atom may seem small, but from a chemical point of view, it is very different.

How does the carbon filter work?

The filter bag is an essential part of the FreshCPAP kit. It not only acts as a clean room and safe automatic shut-off regulator, but also ensures that ozone does not escape into your environment. This is where the charcoal filter enters. Obviously, the gas in the bag must flow somewhere, and with a filter, we can ensure that you only breathe in clean fresh air.

The charcoal in the filter can naturally react with the oxygen molecules that make up ozone. Because ozone is naturally ready to release an oxygen atom, the reaction with the charcoal filter can occur without any additional energy or chemicals. All the ozone has to do is pass through the filter, and there is no other way to escape from the bag where you know it is working.

So why do I have to change the bag?

When the filter reacts with oxygen, it will remain on those oxygen atoms and will not let go. Over time, less and less carbon can be absorbed into an oxygen atom, and eventually it will no longer be able to react. After extensive testing, our product designers were able to determine that the filter should be replaced every 90 days for best results.

How do I know when to change the filter bag?

The bag itself does not have a timer or any electronic device to tell you when to change the bag. Because it is disposable, we must ensure that the bag is 100% recyclable.

FreshCPAP aims for perfection. It is a device that has been carefully designed by professionals in order to provide the best and safest results. It is the ultimate cleaning medium that can completely sanitize your hose and a mask for the CPAP machine within minutes. Now you have the ability to get a new sanitizer bag that offers even better results.

How to use a sanitizer filter bag?

    1. Open the sanitizer bag using the zipper
    2. Place the mask and the hose inside the bag and close it
    3. Connect the FreshCPAP CPAP Cleaner to the bag
    4. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate the unit
    5. Wait for 30 minutes

When you are done, you can disconnect FreshCPAP and open the bag to remove the mask and hose. You can also put a humidifier in the bag for disinfection. It should be cleaned once a week. The only other thing to remember is that the humidifier should be completely dry and empty. It should not contain any trace amounts of water.

Benefits Of Using Your CPAP Carbon Filter Bag

  • Safe To Use

At the end of the day, you are still using ozone to sanitize your equipment. There are many alternatives, but this one is the best. It is100% safe simply because once used, ozone will be converted to the oxygen you breathe normally. The sanitizer bag offers a perfect airtight seal that will eliminate the risk of ozone leaks.

  • Extend the life of CPAP mask,hoses

When CPAP hoses and masks are tilted irregularly, they will be covered with sweat, skin cells, bacteria and viruses. This means you will not be able to use them, but you must replace them. Using FreshCPAP Carton Filter Bag will help you use them longer.

  • Can solve various problems

In most cases, a dirty or affected CPAP mask or hose can cause skin irritation, breathing difficulties, and even more serious problems. Nowadays, using ozone to clean them regularly is the best thing you can actually do.