Using FreshCPAP Machine to Against COVID 19

      COVID 19 has been a severe issue for millions of people all over the globe. It is a virus that affects the lungs. In more serious cases, it must be treated with a ventilator. Sadly, there is a great demand for these machines these days, and most hospitals do not have enough ventilators. However, there may be solutions using CPAP sterilization machines.

CPAP Machines Can be Used to Treat COVID19

       According to John Banzhaf from George Washington University Law,  the CPAP machine can be used to treat less severe forms of COVID19. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation, which means that the machine sends pressurized air to the patient's lungs during use, helping the patient breathe.

       CPAP treatment is the most commonly used for sleep apnea. The pressurized air will keep the airways open at all times and allow the person to breathe. In addition, CPAP machines will provide PEEP (Positive end-expiratory pressure) the alveoli in the lungs which are higher than the ordinary atmospheric pressure. In simple words, CPAP machines can deliver oxygen to the lungs and make sure the breathing is interrupted. In the United States, millions of people have been using CPAP treatment to treat multiple sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, and many others.

        We must also add that hospitals can also use ordinary ventilators that have been properly cleaned or disinfected and can be reused rather than discarded. By using this function, more patients can get comprehensive ventilator treatment. Now, masks and hoses are only used once and then discarded. This increases costs and also prevents manufacturers from manufacturing a sufficient number of units required by the hospital. Reusing hoses and masks may have wonderful effects, and not only beneficial. Of course, all previously used equipment must be 100% disinfected to kill all traces of bacteria and viruses, including COVID 19.

        John Banzhaf mentioned that CPAP machines can be used for minor forms of the virus only. There are a few advantages to using this treatment.

They are:

  •      There are far more CPAP Machines than ventilators in hospitals.
  •      These machines are easier and more affordable to get.
  •      More can be manufactured in less time.
  •      Most of them can provide a sufficient amount of oxygen to the lungs of patients. This is even more present with full-mask models. Also, many models can be adjusted to provide even higher pressure.
  •      The biggest number of COVID19 patients are seniors who also are at a higher risk of conditions that require CPAP treatment. Most of these people already have a machine of this kind at home.
  •      CPAP patients can skip the treatment if it is used for snoring disorder and they won’t be at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

          In the brief, John Banzhaf added that further research is needed. However, it looks promising and chances are high that there will be plenty of benefits when CPAP machines are used to treat COVID 19.According to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) now is even more important to use a CPAP sterilization machine in order to keep the CPAP equipment 100%clean at all times.

         The best alternative is to use CPAP Cleaner Pro. It is a time-saving and effectively auto cleaning machine that uses OZONE, UV to clean the tubing and the mask of the CPAP machine. The unit itself inner space is large, suitable for any items. Using it is simple with touch control, let it do all thing and after 5-60 minutes you will have a perfectly clean machine. Make sure to leave it for a few minutes after it is done cleaning in order to the ozone to get back in the oxygen state.

          CPAP Cleaner Pro is 100% safe and there are no issues or complications of any kind. You can use it on a daily basis and it will remain effective. It kills 99% bacteria and also viruses including COVID19. As such, it is a mandatory element of making your CPAP machine clean and safe to use.

          Using CPAP sterilization machine is mandatory and the need is even greater during the COVID 19 pandemic. You should clean your machine every single day. There are high odds that CPAP machines can be used to treat minor issues of COVID 19 and that they may have a massive, positive effect on the pandemic itself. They can save countless lives.